If Supertitles Still Bug You, Then This May Not Be Your Thing

Adaptistration Singer

The 6/27/2014 edition of The Verge published an article by Adi Robertson that examines the author’s experience using Google Glass to process translations. Long story short, the device did an excellent job at taking what has become a technologically rooted staple of the concert experience to its next logical evolutionary step. At a showing last week, the system worked surprisingly well. Readable but minimally distracting translations floated in the corner of …

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Alex Ross Couldn’t Be More Right (again)


The 6/25/2014 edition of The New Yorker published an article by Alex Ross which examines the Metropolitan Opera’s (Met) ongoing “Klinghoffer” saga. Ross adds yet one more prominent voice of reason to the growing chorus of negative feedback surrounding the Met’s series of executive decisions that produced their decision to cancel the opera’s broadcasts. At the same time, Ross adds an additional bit of observational insight that connects “Klinghoffer” with the …

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Use The Summer To Beef Up Your Metrics Skills

I’ve often wondered how much the field would benefit if certain sectors required certification levels related to specific skill sets; for instance, one of the most basic skills for marketing professionals should be a certain level of comfort and expertise with Google Analytics (GA). To that end, the summer is an ideal time to get up to speed on the slew of enhanced features GA offers. There are hundreds (if not …

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Have you Been Trying To Reach Me?

Just a quick housekeeping post today to say that if you have been awaiting an email reply from me via an ongoing or new email message sent anytime over the past two weeks, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind sending me a reminder message. Unfortunately, the hard drive where I stored my email messages failed and is currently out for data recovery; consequently, I don’t want to inadvertently miss …

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Are You Ready To Get Pissed Off?


On June 20, 2014, Michele Bachmann declared that John Adams’ opera, The Death of Klinghoffer, is “a sympathetic portrayal of terrorism against the Jewish people” (h/t @SoundNotion). Bachmann attempts to portray the Met, and by extension all arts and culture organizations in America, as a champion of anti-Semitism but it is clear that she’s doing nothing more than hijacking this topic as fodder for her lowest common denominator realpolitik gibberish. In …

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