Diving Into The Deep End Of The “Cost Of Your Ticket” Fundraiding Pitch Pool

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There’s an intriguing post at Artful Fundraiser by Jeremy Hatch (h/t You’ve Cott Mail) where the author challenges the age-old fundraising tactic of using the “your ticket price only covers X% of the costs” as a way to hook annual fund donors. Although it isn’t unusual to see discussions around this approach, this is one of the first times where I’ve seen the one-percenter angle leveraged to such a degree as …

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How To Stop Saying No To Ideas

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Experience is a wonderful thing; it provides leaders with the ability to analyze a large amount of variables in short order while simultaneously arriving at a decision with a reliable degree certainty that it is indeed the best course of action. After a certain career threshold, this skill becomes a second skin, you wear it so comfortably that you don’t give it another thought. But how often do you take the …

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Make Images Behave Inside MailChimp RSS Templates


MailChimp (MC) is one of the most popular email marketing providers for a host of good reasons but even the best of providers have a few minor annoyances and in MC’s case, it’s the inability to dynamically resize images via an RSS campaign so they fit inside both Smartphone and standard email client windows. Since most desktop email campaign templates are around 600-pixels wide, using images with widths larger than that …

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There’s a terrific post over at Vu Le’s NWB in the form of nonprofit Halloween stories from nonprofit managers and the one that struck a chord was the First Place contribution about a terrifying tale of board ambush to raise program fees 50 percent. For the orchestra field, program fees translate to earned income; which boils down to mostly ticket prices and related fees. I won’t spoil the story but I …

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Mastering the Art of Getting Things Done @Americans4Arts #ARTSBlog

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If you haven’t been following it already, Americans for the Arts blog salon on arts marketing started up last week and my contribution went up over the weekend. Titled Mastering the Art of Getting Things Done, the post focuses on the need for arts marketers, and I’d go so far as to say arts managers in general, to ease up a bit on the conceptual stuff in favor of doing more …

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