Level Up Your Facebook Share Dialog Game

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It’s great when patrons share your content and events on Facebook but if you don’t have an image that conforms to Facebook’s recommended practices, you can end up lowering your conversion rates thanks to the share dialog pulling an ill-suited image. This happens when you don’t assign a featured image to your content that Facebook can recognize and properly assign to the share dialog content. In many cases, a lack of …

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All Quiet On The Texan Front

UPDATE: It looks like cooler heads are prevailing for the time being as the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra (FWSO) has decided against imposing a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) after musicians rejected what they called their last best, final offer. As of now, there are no firm plans on whether or not both sides plan to return to bargaining so for the time being, it is a hurry up and wait scenario. Given the …

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UX Is Your Brand


Does your organization still design print material first then use that as the basis for your online design? If so, you’re not only behind the marketing curve, you’re losing ground at record speed. Case in point, take a good hard look at Google’s Material Design language, their formal effort to begin standardizing user experience with specs that continuously evolve. Without getting into too much of the geeky details, Material Design shatters …

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We’ve Reached The End Of An Era As Sticks and Drones Retires

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Sticks and Drones’ inaugural post went live on September 14, 2007 and with it came the birth of the Inside The Arts cultural blogging exchange. Since then, the blog has generated nearly one million views and has been one of the most popular outlets at the exchange, but we’ve come full circle and are now at a point where it is time to for the blog to retire. Having said that, …

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Final Clue For Inside The Arts’ New Author

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One week from today on Monday, 2/1/2016, the newest blog at Inside The Arts goes live! As the first new blog since 2011, it’s exciting to get caught up in newness of everything from finalizing the blog topic to the design so the author and I wanted to share a bit more about what’s in store via today’s final clue. You already know the new author is from the Washington D.C. …

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