More Plans For Moving Forward

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Shortly after the election, I published a post with a quartet of simple, yet crucial, areas you can channel your energy in a way that will not only serve shared missions, but continue being a positive example to those around us. Yesterday, Vu Le published an article with a much longer list at NwB that focuses on what he thinks all nonprofits need to do differently in that wake of what …

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Acknowledging Courage

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One of the most challenging aspects within the field of arts and culture is navigating the political landscape. Short of safe positions such as opposing funding cuts to arts and culture, adopting public positions on politically charged issues almost certainly produces outcomes that require enduring institutional pain. Consequently, it is worth noting when an organization decides to stake a political position and that’s exactly what happened this weekend at a regularly …

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Classical Music Convinces ISIS Fighters To Surrender

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The 11/17/2016 edition of the Washington Post published an article by Caitlin Dewey that reports on the influence of fake news stories on the recent presidential election. It’s a sobering read but well worth your time, and although there’s more than enough to wade through via the political ramifications, it got me thinking that perhaps we are even further behind the marketing curve than we like to think. As insane as …

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Orchestras Don’t Survive On Earned Income. In Other News, The Sky Is Blue

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The 11/15/2016 edition of the New York Times published an article by Michael Cooper that examines a recent report form the League of American Orchestras announcing most orchestras rely more on unearned then earned income. Unearned income includes revenue not directly related to a consumer paying for a service, such as donations, investment income and grants. Earned income encompasses ticket sales (annual and single) and fee based services such as an …

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How Many Words Is This Picture Worth?

Although the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) and its musicians returned to mediated bargaining at the beginning of the month, those talks have yet to produce enough momentum to prevent additional event cancellations. Case in point, the organization announced the latest round of cancellations for events through Monday, 12/5/2016. Since both sides agreed to a media blackout, there are few details but the 11/15/2016 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article …

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