If You Missed The Everything Tech Providers Wished You Knew About Writing A Website RFP Conference Session At NTEN, You’re In Luck…

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have enough confidence to know if the proposal you get from tech providers is a meaningful bid or just a bunch of techy BS? It just so happens that I presented a session at the 2018 NTEN conference on that very topic back in April. If you wanted to attend but weren’t able to go, then you’re in luck thanks to the session getting picked up …

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#TBT Straightjackets Of Our Own Design

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It never ceases to amaze me how often missed opportunities are a feature, not a bug. Here’s an example: Tuesday’s post about influencer marketing generated a user email that asked a great question. As a musician I share Holly’s aversion to comps, though, I use them when available. The ‘influencer’ model seems well-suited to the single ticket, brand building world. Another model I’ve tried to encourage would be, instead of comps, …

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Making The Case For Playback Bars During Live Performances

Last week while having dinner with a friend and colleague, we started talking about the new listener concert experience. My friend, a music director, mentioned that one of the most disheartening aspects from his perspective is when he sees patrons leave a longer work toward the end, right before the payoff when everything comes together to deliver the highest emotional impact. It was a real lightbulb moment. Regardless how entertaining and …

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You Mean You Haven’t Pivoted From Comps To Influencer Marketing Yet?

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If you have any interest in driving down comps while filling up full price seats, there are two articles you simply must read. The first is from violinist Holly Mulcahy* in a Neo Classical post from 6/15/2018 where she talks about the vast untapped potential influencer marketing can have on improving meaningful audience development activities. Simply put, Mulcahy is the model of what a classical music influence can look like. Given …

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Have You Considered On-Site Professional Development?

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I’m off to Palm Beach, FL for three days of on-site client work at The Society of the Four Arts and Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens. While I love the benefits reliable teleconferencing deliver vis-a-vis improving direct client support and reducing the necessity for on-site work, there’s always something special about being able to work alongside the professionals you’re serving. If you’ve never considered the value of bringing one of your key …

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