Top-Tier Musician Compensation 2019

It’s time to revisit base musician compensation levels at the top eight highest paying orchestras. For a number of these orchestras, the 2018/19 season marks the end of their existing collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In each of those instances, the outcomes will have a large impact on what many orchestra musicians consider their organization’s ability to compete for the best on-stage talent. We’ve been tracking these values since the 2009/10 season …

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#TBT Time To Bone Up On Musician Compensation

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Now that we have the settlement numbers from Chicago, Cleveland, Philly, and San Francisco, we’re just about ready to see how all of those figures impact the overall standings among the top eight highest paying orchestras. That article comes out tomorrow so today is an ideal time to take a look back at where things were when we last examined this issue in May, 2018. Top-Tier Musician Compensation 2018  

Is It time To Retire Your Print Communication?

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Virtual show of hands: how many of you still use print newsletters? My hunch is more than a few of raised your hands. Now, for those of you who did, when was the last time you quantified their impact and engagement? Print newsletters and/or magazines are one of those odd evolutionary throwbacks in the world of arts communication. In their heyday, they were the apex predator of engagement and status. But …

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Building Empathy By Making Every Voice Important

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Recently, violinist Holly Mulcahy published an article chronicling her latest Arts Capacity program Walker State Faith and Character Based Prison. This was her ninth event at that facility, and it implemented a new approach to building empathy by making every voice important in a shared creative process. In a nutshell, she and her colleagues introduced a real-time composition element to the program. …we began with several pieces that ranged from 2 …

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The Orchestra 990 Library Is COMPLETE!

After a full year of work, the downloadable Orchestra 990 library at the Adaptistration Store is now complete. That means more than 1,100 IRS 990s across 17 seasons, going back all the way to the 1999/2000 season! There’s nothing else like it available and now that there are so many seasons available, I’ve updated the user interface so it’s easier to purchase any combination of seasons right from a single page. …

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