For Only $31, How Can You Not Try Influencer Marketing?

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There’s a fascinating article in the May 21/2019 edition of (h/t Thomas Cott) that examines a report from Klear (a marketing software platform) that begins to provide perspective on influencer marketing rates. [This] where this new report from Klear comes in – to help provide more transparency in the influencer marketing process, Klear surveyed more than 2,500 different types of influencers across three major social networks (Instagram, YouTube and Facebook), in order …

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#TBT Beware of the “Music Police”

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As a follow-up to the 5/20/19 article about whether orchestra music librarians should be in the collective bargaining agreement, I want to reach way back to something written by the late Leonard Leibowitz in 2002. If you aren’t already familiar with Len’s work, he was a fundamental force inside the world of nonprofit performing arts labor law specializing on the employee side of the equation. You’ll find him referenced and quoted …

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It’s Never Been Easier To Change Your [*******] Password

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One of the first lines of defensive in a good cybersecurity hygiene is maintaining strong passwords. Technically, May 2, 2019 was national password day but it’s never too late to indulge in some improved security measures. One of the best favors you can do for yourself is use a password manager, like the one from (they have free and paid versions). While LastPass has been my go-to password manager for years, …

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It’s Gala Season, How Does Your Group Handle Silent Auctions?

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It’s spring and that usually means nonprofit galas are in full swing. For whatever reason, I’ve been attending quite a few this year and while the format is similar, execution varies. One common element that sees a great deal of variation is the silent auction component. On one hand, there’s the old school, pen and paper approach. It’s super affordable and I’ve seen it applied to great effect everywhere from intimate …

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Should Music Librarians Deserve Be Part Of The Collective Bargaining Agreement? St. Louis Symphony Doesn’t Think So.

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Sometimes, the most influential occurrences fly entirely under the radar. Case in point, an ongoing labor disagreement at the St. Louis Symphony (SLS) that may influence whether music librarians can be included in the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and therefore entitled to the same compensation, benefits, and protections as other orchestra musicians. The disagreement is straightforward: the SLS musicians believe librarians they should be included in the CBA, the employer doesn’t. …

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