Is There Humor Darker Than Black?

I was planning to publish an update on the Colorado Springs Philharmonic labor dispute today but time got away, but it will go up Monday. In the interim, I can across the following satirical tweet from @OrchestraSay that’s so black, it may well qualify as a quantum singularity. Oprah's handing out new CBAs to ICSOM orchestras!! YOU GET A PER-SERVICE ORCHESTRA!! YOOU GET A PER-SERVICE ORCHESTRA!!!!AND YOOOOOOOOU GET A PER-SERVICE ORCHESTRA!!!!!! …

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Internalizing The Concept Of Equity

The more a work can reflect society from the time it was written and provoke thoughtful contemplation, the better. If the musicality and topic keep the piece on my mind for more than a week after hearing it, that’s a win. The more polarizing current events are, the more potential exists for a work to emerge that is capable of inspiring meaningful actions. If you subscribe to a similar outlook, then …

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More Data (And Good News) On Streaming Concert Activity

The 10/26/2020 edition of the Seattle Times published an article by Melinda Bargreen that reports the Seattle Chamber Music Society (SCMS) is discovering their 2020 Virtual Summer Festival produced positive results. While SCMS doesn’t appear to have released any financial data, you can still see the results are encouraging: 389 new ticket purchasers which comprised 32 percent of all ticket sales. 92 first-time donors. Thanks to being free of max seat …

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Shop Talk S01E06: The Need For Expertise

This episode’s topic is based on Jason’s blog post, The Most Teachable Era In Human History For The Necessity of Expertise. Questions of expertise are particularly relevant here an now when considering whether  the field has leaders with what we need for these unique challenges. But can that expertise be clearly defined? Do we know what we don’t need? Today’s guests are uniquely suited to this discussion because they have expertise …

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Not That You Need Another Reason To Vote

Americans for the Arts recently released their 2020 Congressional Arts Report card, which provides a detailed summary of congressional voting records on key arts legislation. Another useful feature is an overview of which Senators and Representatives are active in cultural focused caucuses. One of the best reasons I’ve seen that reinforces why this report matters is from legislative culture warrior Scott Silberstein via his Arts Matters newsletter (subscribe). How officials treat …

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