The Met Is Out Through The End Of 2021

Among the unions The Metropolitan Opera’s executive leadership is waging war, is International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local One. While all of the Met’s union employees require lead time to adequately prepare, IATSE deadlines are firmest. The union employees, which include stagehands, technicians, and skilled craftspeople, actually build everything you see on stage. That’s not something you can rush without risking injury and throughout negotiations the Union representatives have …

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#TBT Navigating Frustration

While cautious optimism is paving the road ahead, it’s worth remembering that there is no shortage of stakeholders returning who have been out of loop long for quite some time. Consequently, there could be instances of frustration flare ups after the initial warm and fuzzies surrounding being back. In order to deal with that when it happens (not if), it’s worth taking a moment to prepare so the emotion doesn’t hit …

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Live Fast, Die Young, And Leave A Beautiful Corpse…Or Apply For The Baltimore Symphony CEO Gig

The embattled Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) is losing its embattled CEO. According to an article by Mary Carole McCauley in the 4/26/21 edition of the Baltimore Sun, the BSO’s CEO, Peter Kjome, is leaving the group after his contract expires in January 2022. In light of the fact that the BSO’s Music Director, Marin Alsop, is leaving six months prior, it’s tough to miss the timing. Speaking of timing, the BSO …

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Let’s Use This Opportunity To Rid Ourselves Of Some Bad Habits


As groups are beginning to gear up for concert activity in one form or another in the post-pandemic environment, it’s worth taking advantage of some opportunities to shed ourselves of bad habits. Case in point, streamlined program notes and marketing content offers an opportunity to excise the Adjective That Must Not Be Named (Beloved) and its friends. I’m only just starting to see post-pandemic marketing materials emerge and so far, it’s …

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Let’s Try This Again, This Time With Feeling

If you tried to get in on the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant online application process, the bad news is you probably got caught up in the same showstopper results as most organizations. The good news is the application portal will reopen today, Monday April 26 at 12 noon ET. The Small Business Administration has been posting updates on their Twitter account (h/t Scott Silberstein’s Arts In Action newsletter). The initial problems …

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