LV Philharmonic Lawsuit Alleges Financial Misconduct

The 2/21/22 edition of the Las Vegas Review-Journal published a pair of articles by Katelyn Newberg and John Katsilometes, respectively, that reports on a lawsuit filed by former Las Vegas Philharmonic (LV Phil) executive director, Anne Berquist, against her former employer. According to the articles, Berquist alleges insurance fraud and discriminatory practices. Excerpts of the complaint are published in the 2/18/22 edition of During the pandemic, the LV Phil followed …

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Granny’s On The Grift? Tell Me It Isn’t So.

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There’s a fascinating article by Joe Patti at ArtsHacker that examines the problems related to just how easy it is for employees, even volunteers, to embezzle from nonprofit performing arts organizations. I can’t think of a year that’s gone by since Adaptistration started where there weren’t one or more instances of an employee stealing from the institution. Every couple months the treasurer tells our board of directors how easy it would …

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Reinforcing The Ethical Significance Of Board Stewardship

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For those of you following the tragic circumstances at Healing Arts Initiative (HAI), this weekend uncovered news that casts an even darker tone to the already tragic situation. If you are new to the details, HAI’s former bookkeeper, Kim Williams, allegedly orchestrated an attack against the organization’s executive director, Rev. D. Alexandra Dyer, that materialized in an assailant throwing a cup of drain cleaner into Dyer’s face. According to police statements, …

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Why Are Executive So Keen On Breaking HR Rules?

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It seems as though hardly a year passes that doesn’t have one or more incidents that give HR professionals heartburn. The latest is a whale among the minnows in light of news that recently departed Lincoln Center (LC) president, Jed Bernstein, left as the result of what the organization described as a “[violation of] Lincoln Center human resources policy by not disclosing a personal relationship with an employee.” The 5/4/2016 edition …

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Celebrating A Decade Of Meaningful Culture Blogging

2003 was an eventful year; the Department of Homeland Security officially began operations, Gulf War II started, Google launches AdSense, the Mozilla Foundation is formed, MySpace is launched, the Space Shuttle Columbia is destroyed on re-entry, the Concord makes its final commercial flight, Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected Governor of California, Former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy becomes the first person indicted under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (he was eventually acquitted), and Adaptistration launched …

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