Eventbrite Crosses Another Game Changer Threshold

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One year ago, we examined the latest offering from online ticket provider Eventbrite (EB) in the form of their reserved seating feature and on 3/23/15, they expanded on this with a full-fledged individual seat selection functionality. Geared very much toward performing arts orgs and presenters, the expanded offering includes the same dynamic seat map creation tools as the existing reserved seating solution. Having used the tool on a number of occasions, …

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Is Eventbrite’s New Reserved Seating Solution A Game Changer?


Eventbrite, an online ticketing service provider, has come a long way since it launched in 2006 but the lack of reserved seating functionality has been a critical drawback that kept many nonprofit performing arts organizations from considering it as a serious ticketing solution. But all that changed on March 5, 2014 when Eventbrite launched a new reserved seating feature that, simply put, is pretty damn slick. Here’s Eventbrite’s self-described overview of …

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In Chicago, No News Is No News

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At the end of week two, Chicago Symphony Orchestra is no closer to resolving the strike than they since it started. While both sides have engaged in bargaining and there appears to have been some progress, it was limited to non-showstopper level terms. Both sides continue to hammer away at their existing talking points. The bulk of musician press statements have been focusing on highlighting support and while there’s plenty of …

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Take My Ticket, Please!

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About a decade ago, the notion of ticketless events was a hot topic but it was several years ahead of its time. Fortunately, the technology curve is beginning to catch up and we’re at a point in time where affordable solutions that are also user-friendly for both patron and organization have started trickling into the market. Joe Patti recently touched on this topic over at Butts In The Seats via a …

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Stepping Up The Nonprofit CRM Challenge

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems seem to be a popular topic this season; in July, 2015, Nonprofit Quarterly ran an article that discussed the rabbit hole that is evaluating and identifying CRM proposals (which we examined here) and the 8/12/2015 edition of DestinationCRM.com published an opinion piece by a CRM CEO lamenting the lack of providers in that field which offer nonprofits solutions they really need (h/t You’veCottMail). The latest article, …

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