NEC Alumni Pressure School’s Leadership To Improve Diversity

More than 350 New England Conservatory (NEC) alumni have signed a letter addressed to the school’s president, Andrea Kalyn calling out the university for failing to acknowledge what they define as its role in “reproducing the social conditions it claims to abhor.” It is time for the Conservatory’s leadership to be courageous in addressing its history and sustained role in promoting the purported supremacy of Eurocentric musical traditions. This history has …

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No Love Lost

When it comes to attention grabbing headlines, Norman Lebrecht has a particular gift and he posted a doozy on 5/3/2012 at Slipped Disc that makes it plain as day how he feels about Tony Woodcock, President of the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) and the institution’s recent decision to renew his contract.

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Honesty: the best of all the lost arts.*

In a business as comparatively small and collegial (at least on the surface) as the orchestra business, it’s tough to find someone who isn’t afraid to speak honestly and from the heart about sensitive topics. Fortunately, we’ve got someone like Bill Eddins to point out the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

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So Much Drama

Maybe there’s something in the water supply but there seems to be a bit more drama in the field than usual. Two particular flashpoints of interest are Indianapolis via the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (ISO) and Boston via the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC). Flashpoint #1 – Indy The 2/4/2012 edition of the Indianapolis star published an article by Jay Harvey that reports on the hasty departure of ISO president and …

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NEC Cuts Zander Loose

An associated Press article from 1/12/2012 reports that the New England Conservatory of Music (NEC) announced that it had removed Benjamin Zander from all positions associated with the school. What brought additional attention to the issue was the information provided by NEC that it “had disciplined a faculty member who retained a videographer he knew was a registered sex offender to record rehearsals and performances of preparatory school students over the past decade.”

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