I’m Not The Only One Paying Attention To Orchestra Websites

I was thrilled to see an article in the 3/29/2009 edition of the Chicago Sun-Times by columnist  that examines the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) new website. By and large it is a very complimentary article but one item of note is the attention focused on how important usability is to revenue performance. In the article, CSO vice president for sales and marketing, Kevin Giglinto, emphasizes that every effort was made to make the online ticket buying process as streamlined and easy as possible…

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Charleston Goes Dark

According to a report from Adam Parker in the 3/29/2010 edition of The Charleston Post and Courier, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra (CSO) has suspended operations for the remainder of the 2009/10 season. The news was announced to musicians following the organization’s Sunday concert and to the public via a press release issued the same day. The Post and Courier article reports CSO board president Ted Legasey as saying the suspension is an effort to avoid bankruptcy…

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Don’t You Believe It!

Among the list of items for why classical music is dying is the ever expanding number of options people have to be entertained at home and the mac daddy heavy-weight in this arena is cable/satellite/fiber optics. I have to admit to being a bit of a cable Luddite as our household has been rock-bottom-basement-analog-subscription plan cable subscriber for decades. But we keep hearing about how great it is and who would want to go to a live event (cultural notwithstanding) with all this great entertainment right at home…

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Concessionary News From Baltimore

The 3/25/2010 edition of the Baltimore Sun includes an article by Tim Smith that reports on the recent concessionary contract between the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and its musicians. According to the article, the base musician salary will drop 16.6 percent to $67,600, “essentially the same as it was in 2001.” But what’s really interesting is some of the information Smith will almost certainly address in subsequent articles once the BSO releases additional information; such as details surrounding a new post-conservatory Fellows program…

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Sneezing HTML Code

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Right now, I’m eyes deep in a major development job via the Venture Project and at the same time, the majority of my regular consulting work is also very tech oriented. I’ve spent so much time working with properties, values, and other CSS syntax goodies that html code comes out when I sneeze. But the upside side effects include a high speed knowledgebase update, the result of which has turned up some intriguing goodies…

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