Orchestra Nightmares

If you’ve never seen an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, starring iconic chef Gordon Ramsay, you’re missing out. The program’s self described premise is quite straightforward: “Ramsay steps…into some of the country’s most unsanitary and unsuccessful restaurants to help them turn their businesses around or close their doors forever.” It’s hard to avoid thinking about how this business would make a suitable surrogate for the restaurants Ramsay visits…

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Andrew Adler Couldn’t Be More Right

The 6/27/2010 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal published a commentary piece by music critic Andrew Adler where the author shares a frank response to the sort of discussions that have been permeating the business. In particular, the recent keynote topics at the latest League conference in Atlanta. It’s (unfortunately) becoming increasingly rare to see candor like Adler’s in traditional media, but the upside is this piece serves as a clear reality check in an otherwise unchecked process…

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Look Before You Leap

On 6/22/2010, Marc van Bree published a blog post at Dutch Perspective that caught my attention. He examines what were apparently topics of paramount discussion at the recent League Conference. Marc provides all sorts of reference links but I have to admit I didn’t’ take the time to read any of it as his post was sufficiently engaging. What really caught my attention was Marc’s focus on process, a subject near and dear to my administrator’s heart…

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A New AFM President And Why You Should Care

Following yesterday’s National Convention election, Tom Lee has been replaced by Ray Hair (president of Dallas Local 72-147) as president of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM). Lee garnered 44 percent of the vote while Hair secured 56 percent (figures via Robert Levine’s AFM Convention blog). It wasn’t a landslide, but a clear victory nonetheless. For some managers, this event might be best filed under the heading “Who Cares?” but in reality, it will have a substantial dynamic impact on the field…

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