Getting Caught Up On Detroit

It has been a few weeks since we’ve examined the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) work stoppage but all in all, we haven’t really missed very much. As of today, the DSO musicians have been on strike for 26 days and the last public dust up occurred in conjunction with a musician sponsored concert event on October 24th…

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The New And Improved Adaptistration Premium

Now that the 2010 orchestra website reviews are done, I wanted to take a moment to point out that all of the related content for US and Canadian orchestras is now available at the completely redesigned Adaptistration Premium. The site now includes a number of user interface enhancements, but the good news is subscription prices are remaining exactly the same…

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2010 Canadian Orchestra Website Review: Trends and Detailed Scores

By and large, it was a fairly neutral year most Canadian orchestra websites. The average score inched up a bit and most of the changes in rank took place among the groups that scored toward the middle…

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2010 Canadian Orchestra Website Review: Overall Rankings

Between 9/25/10 and 10/12/10, 14 professional Canadian orchestra websites were examined and ranked by how well they presented their concert schedule, sold tickets, facilitated making donations, provided organizational information, utilized dynamic content, and on functionality….

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