Chicago Symphony Musicians Leaflet For Detroit

On 1/20/2011, the musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (CSO) distributed leaflets before the evening’s concert which expressed support for musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) and urged DSO music director Leonard Slatkin to “use his influence to persuade the Board of the DSO to negotiate in a spirit of compromise and respect.”…

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Louisville Musicians Begin Branching Out

According to a report from Elizabeth Kramer in the 1/18/2011 edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal, the musicians of the Louisville Orchestra (LO) have restructured the existing nonprofit players’ association into “Keep Louisville Symphonic,” (KLS) an organization the musicians describe as “[preserving] the artistic excellence and essential tradition of great music provided by the Louisville Orchestra musicians.”…

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Hope In Honolulu

You might have missed an op-ed piece in the 1/13/2011 edition of the Honolulu Star Adviser by Howard Daniel, I don’t recall seeing it on any of the primary news sites as things were flaring up in Detroit at that time but you really shouldn’t miss out. The original version is available at the Star Adviser website but the author was kind enough to send along a pre-edit version that is slightly longer…

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Why Aren’t Orchestra Musicians Listed In Movie Credits?

My wife and I have a little ritual when we go see movies: we like to sit through the end credits to see if the orchestra is mentioned by name. While watching the credits for True Grit (2010), it dawned on us that even in the rare instances where the orchestra is listed by name, we never see individual musicians listed…

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The Lazy Professional’s Way To Navigate Pro Bono Work

Anyone who has ever worked as a free lancer, consultant, or ran your own business will love this flowchart from Brooklyn based typographer and illustrator, Jessica Hische. Titled should i work for free? Hische provides an incredibly useful flowchart to help you figure out…wait for it… which pro bono jobs you should accept…

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