New Functionality: Integrated Social Media Comments

One of the great benefits of open source publishing platforms is they provide a steady stream of upgrades and improvements. Case in point is the latest WordPress enhancement to reader comments in that integrates social media login options.

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I Bet My Great Is Better Than Your Great

Adaptistration People 105

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published an article on 6/17/2012 by Zachary Lewis that dives head first into one of the most subjective, and uncomfortable, topics for many contemporary big budget orchestras: what makes an orchestra “great,” or “world class” if you prefer PR friendly verbiage. Either way, it comes down to identifying, defining, and (the tricky part), agreeing on the myriad of benchmarks used to gauge metrics. Lewis’ article does an …

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Five Leadership Mistakes Of The Galactic Empire

Darth Vader demonstrating no tolerance for failure

It’s tough to pass up an article with a headline like today’s post but credit for the hook goes to and the 2/13/2012 article written by Alex Knapp under the same title. Just in case you haven’t paid attention to pop culture in the last 30 or so odd years, the Galactic Empire is the main bad guy faction in the Star Wars universe; i.e. Darth Vader, the Emperor, et al. What makes Knapp’s article intriguing is how its main points stack up when juxtaposed alongside the orchestra field.

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Book Burning: A Study In How To Shape Perspective

The 2012 Effie Awards, which recognize marketing ideas that work based on effective index rankings, awarded a trio of Gold Medals to Leo Burnett Worldwide for their Troy Public Library “Book Burning Party” campaign. When it comes to learning how to shape public perception and frame a debate, this campaign should be required reading.

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