So Many Fantastic New Openings

Adaptistration People 160

If you haven’t checked in at Adaptistration Jobs in a bit then you’re missing out; there have been more than a dozen new openings listed in the past two weeks alone and among those are some positions in historically coveted departments, such as the Milwaukee Symphony’s Director of Operations. Additionally, you’ll find listings throughout symphonic, opera, theater, ballet, museum, academia, commercial, performing arts centers, choral groups, and service organizations in full …

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Why You Should Be Paying Attention To The Ongoing Worker Status Debate

Adaptistration People 019

Although it doesn’t get very much attention, how orchestras define employees, both on-stage and administrative, has a large impact on its operations and expense structure and one of the hot button political issues taking shape in the upcoming presidential election is how employers go about classifying workers either as independent contractors or employees. At the center of the controversy is the hyper growth fueled transportation provider Uber and a recent California …

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Look Like A Genius!

One of the single most daunting problems arts orgs face when converting to responsive design is embracing the mobile first concept; meaning, you no longer envision website design from a desktop-only or desktop-first perspective. Instead, you need to begin with the mobile browser environment and work your out from there. Sure, that sounds great but who has a few dozen mobile devices laying around to see how your site looks and …

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Talking Venture Arts Incubator With The SoundNotion Crew

VAI SoundNotion

Last Sunday, 7/11/2015, I had the pleasure of appearing on to discuss everything related to Venture Arts Incubator (VAI). I also fielded some questions about the most recent Orchestra Compensation Reports and we also managed to fit a bit of time in at the end to chew over Apple Music and the future of streaming as it applies to classical music. It was a great discussion (and a real treat to have …

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Listen To Star Wars: The Force Awakens Director JJ Abrams Talk About The Importance Of Orchestral Music

Stromtrooper Cellist

If you’re feeling down over the impending death of classical music (don’t worry, it’s not dying) then take a moment to watch this clip of the 7/10/2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens comic-con panel featuring director JJ Abrams talk about the importance of orchestral music. If that weren’t enough, Abrams just turned a live orchestra concert by the San Diego Symphony into the biggest fan event in the history of Comic-Con; …

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