Chicago’s Latest Tourism Ad Is A Stark Reminder About The Importance Of An Effective Government Affairs Committee

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TimeOut Chicago published an article by Clayton Guse on 8/21/15 that examines a 15 minute city tourism from 1977 juxtaposed against a 2015 counterpart. Granted, if the only media from the 70s era to survive the millennia is the “Chicago Is” ad, future humans will have a superb idea of what that time period was like, but what should catch your attention in the here and now is how the 2015 …

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Binghamton Cancels Opening Concert. Reasons Unclear.

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The latest labor dispute to cancel scheduled 2015-2016 concert event activity transpired this week at New York’s Binghamton Philharmonic. The orchestra’s board made the decision to cancel their opening concert after failing to reach a mediated agreement with musicians for a new collective bargaining agreement after the previous agreement expired on 5/21/15. The orchestra’s FY2012 990 lists $1.6 million in expenses and according to both sides, the crux of the dispute …

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ICSOM’s Conference Sidesteps Equal Pay For Equal Work And Substitute Parity

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Toward the end of summer, the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM), a players’ conference within the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) that represents over 4,000 regularly employed orchestra musicians from 52 professional US orchestras, holds its annual conference and this year’s event is in Philadelphia from 8/26/15 through 8/29/15. Traditionally, ICSOM conferences are a way for representatives from each member orchestra to deliver internal reports, conduct a number of …

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It’s Never Been Easier To Be An Expert

Online security is a big deal. Check that, it’s a really big deal and far too often, arts orgs and their managers don’t take as much time as they should to protect themselves and their institution. I published an article at today that examines the five most common practices of security experts and the great news is it has never been easier to use the very same tools they favor …

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Adaptistration’s Most Popular Content Is…

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Well this is a surprise. It’s been awhile since I went digging through metrics data stretching back though the time Adaptistration started using Google Analytics (late 2008), but some recent data mining uncovered that within the last year, a new post has risen to the number one spot for most visited content: Orchestra Financial Reports. Although it has been in the top ten ever since it was published in 2009, it …

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