Is There A Color Ugly Enough To Hurt Ticket Sales?

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It is no secret that good color palettes implemented effectively can help sell tickets and inspire donations, but are there colors that can discourage revenue generation? According to research sponsored by the Australian government, the answer is “yes.” The Aussie’s want to discourage cigarette smoking and part of some recent government sponsored efforts include identifying a color capable of discouraging citizens from engaging in certain behaviors. Did this color work its …

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There Was A Strike In Chicago?

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In the early evening of Tuesday, 6/14/2016, Lawrence A. Johnson broke the news via an article at that the Grant Park Music Festival (GPMF) announced that they were cancelling their opening night concert on Wednesday, 6/15/2016 due to a musician’s strike. The Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune quickly confirmed but all of the reports were missing some key elements, such as why the musicians decided to strike. GPMF musicians did not …

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Orchestra Compensation Reports Are Right Around The Corner

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Next week is the beginning of the 2016 Orchestra Compensation Reports, an annual series that examines the compensation trends among orchestra executives, music directors and concertmasters, at more than 65 professional U.S. orchestras. To date, the lion’s share of data entry is complete which means all that’s left is compiling the figures and preparing the articles. Even though these reports limit the examination to compensation figures reported in each orchestra’s IRS …

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Is Your Organization Planning An Orlando Memorial?

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In the wake of the Orlando mass shooting tragedy, classical music organizations and artists are beginning to organize memorial events. Within the first day, I began hearing from friends and colleagues about ideas and efforts from full concerts to something small with a handful of musicians. Baltimore Sun Times music critic Tim Smith published an article about an early effort from some of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra musicians that have organized …

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How Inviting Is Your Organization?

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From 6/10/16 through 6/12/2016, Chicago was home to the America’s Cup series. Since the races took place right next to my condo building and it was the first time in 165 years the series was held on a fresh water course, it was exciting to walk down Navy Pier each evening and watch the preparations, feel the excitement grow, and ultimately watch the races. Having said that, I approached the series …

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