Attack Of The 50 Foot Ticket Bots

Ticket Bot

Ticket bots, programs used by unscrupulous ticket resellers to purchase large swaths of available tickets at lightning speed, are back in the news thanks to a sharp increase in predatory reseller tactics. Two articles in particular focusing on this problem are worth your time; the most recent is from the 6/7/2016 edition of the New York Times and the next is from the 1/28/2016 edition of Both articles do a …

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What You Don’t Know Could Fill A Double Bass

Adaptistration People 166

There’s a fascinating article in the June, 2016 online edition of The Strad by double bass soloist, Gary Karr (originally written in 2014 for the magazine’s July print issue). It examines Karr’s frustration over the years working with conductors that knew too little about the double bass, or at least, less than they should in light of a conductor’s leadership position. The article is an excellent examination of artistic administration within …

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Is Your Group Keeping Up With Digital Marketing Trends?

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Capacity Interactive (CI) recently published their fourth annual Arts Industry Digital Marketing Benchmark Study (h/t Thomas Cott) and some of their findings are worth noticing. Moreover, everything covered in the report is covered in one or more how-to articles at Here are some shortcuts to help you drill down into what’s important. Last but not least, there’s even an article about digital advertising for arts organizations written by some guy …

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Sometimes, You Just Need A Reminder


The other week, my wife asked “why don’t you have more friends than you do on Facebook?” Granted, this question came from someone with 4,600+ friends, 1,000+ followers, and 1,200+ in her friend request queue (the latter isn’t far behind my total friend count), so any meaningful reply warranted some forethought. After some internal monologue deliberating pros and cons, I opened my mouth to reply but realized there wasn’t anything to …

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Toronto Takes Strong Action To Avert Disaster

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The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has seen its fair share of rough waters over the past few seasons. In 2015, they endured the Valentina Lisitsa firestorm and 2016 was pockmarked by way of the very public annulment legal battle between former president and CEO, Jeff Melanson, and his estranged wife, Eleanor McCain. According to an article by Martin Knelman in the 5/21/2016 edition of The Toronto Star, all of these high profile …

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