Time To Downsize


I recently published the latest installment in my ArtsHacker series about what you can do to combat post net neutrality slowdowns. This is the first article that takes a deep dive into some of the meatier tasks, but don’t let that dissuade you. Some of the tools covered are super user friendly regardless your skill level so even if you don’t know HTTP requests from a hole in the ground, I …

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Where Did I Put Those Grumpy Pants?

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Douglas Rosenthal published a delightful article at Who’s Your Audience? that puts a fun spin on the traditional New Year’s resolution theme by coming up with a shortlist of things he doesn’t want to hear you talking about connected to the classical music field. Admittedly, I write this post wearing my Grumpy Pants. But I’m also donning my Optimism Cardigan. I challenge you not to love anything following that. Rosenthal’s quartet …

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Here’s A Little Ditty ‘Bout Jack & Diane

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Jack and Diane were two all American adults chasing their dreams in the big state of Texas. Diane was independent and got along doing the best she could, but she never managed to get out of hand to mouth mode. Jack, on the other hand, Jack made it rain. And he loved to play the hero. They knew each other for years and their relationship was punctuated with manic swings. It …

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San Antonio Symphony Goes Dark

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UPDATE 9:05am CT: According to a source directly related to events, Alice Viroslav has resigned as board chair of the Symphony Society of San Antonio. A new chair will be elected during a special board meeting today (1/5/2018). Reportedly, there is a component of the board that favor a strategic direction that attempts to restore as much of the recently canceled 2017/18 season as possible. Additional details will be provided as …

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#TBT How To Succeed At Artistic Planning Without Really Trying

Orchestra Artistic Planning Visualized 2018

I can’t begin to express how satisfying it is to see so many readers connecting with Rob Deemer’s guest author article earlier this week announcing the official release of the Women Composers Database. I have no doubt it will go a long way toward improving the representation of women composers in mainstream artistic programming. Hopefully, it will help the field see less programming that resembles artistic decision making along the lines of …

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