Hey Arts Marketers, Are You Freaking Out Over Changes In How Facebook Displays Feed Content?

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You took the time to sharpen those Facebook marketing skills. Hours and hours of pouring over documentation, asking for help, and good old trial and error. Guess what, Facebook decided to up the ante by weighting content that inspires back-and-forth style interaction. That means the days of merely crafting a perfect campaign are fading. But have no fear, Ceci Dadisman wrote an article for ArtsHacker that walks you through the changes …

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What Are Your Go-To Grant Resources?

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I published an article at ArtsHacker that highlighted the Artwork Archive’s Complete Guide To 2018 Grants and Opportunities resource. Having something focused exclusively toward individual artists was something that felt very unique and it got me wondering about similar resources for individual artists or chamber groups. To that end, I’m curious to learn more about any resources you’re aware of and why you find them useful. Take a moment to point …

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Reader Feedback Updates

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In the wake of the San Antonio Symphony news leaping from one extreme announcement to the next over the course of a single day, I took the time to code some design changes based on user feedback. And speaking of San Antonio, we’ll be taking a closer look at all their recent develops later in this week. In the meantime, here are some of the recent changes to help you stay …

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Do You Like Paganini? Do You Like Cats? Then You’re Going To Love This

Cat and the Fiddle

Adorable pets can sell anything and during a time when the cat video is king, it makes perfect sense to bring those together to help promote classical music; in this instance, Paganini. Violin soloist Augustin Hadelich has an upcoming album of Paganini Caprices and part of that project included making an animated short featuring his cartoon doppelganger performing Caprice No. 17 for a group of adorable kitties. Hadelich worked with director Paul Glickman and …

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#TBT It’s As Though We Had A Crystal Ball

I’m beginning to wonder in the #TBT series might not be such a great idea. Granted, it’s great fun combing through thousands of posts to find forgotten gems but every now and then, something turns up that reminds me how long I’ve been at this. Case in point, this article from 2004 titled Is Video Game Music The Next Big Outreach Tool? A valid question in 2004 and in retrospect, the format …

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