Keeping Your Options Open Is More Popular Than Ever

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Last week, it dawned on me that I neglected to activate notifications when new subscribers signed up for the Arts Admin Jobs weekly email summary. As it turns out, I was completely unaware just how popular it had become. Since it launched barely three months ago, it has more than 2,000 subscribers with an average open rate just under 80 percent and a click rate around 50 percent. A little less …

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So How Do You Really Feel About #GivingTuesday?

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Thanks to everyone who reached out with observations about #GivingTuesday following my request for feedback. Perhaps unsurprisingly, everyone who reached out did so directly and under the guise of not wanting to put their name on any specific comment. In a nutshell, almost everyone thought the amount of time and energy spent on #GivingTuesday activity was a negative ROI. Add to that, many felt added pressure from superiors and/or board members …

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Sometimes, Unintended Consequences Are A Good Thing


Over the weekend, I put together my client holiday cards. For Venture users, I designed a template that integrates statistics about total users, demographics, and mobile vs. desktop usage. The data comes from their respective Google Analytics accounts and although I’m not trying to look for change patterns, one in particular jumped right off the page: nearly half saw double digit increases in mobile user ratios. The largest change saw one …

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You Have One More Week To Get In On The Arts Admin Merit Badge Giveaway

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There’s only one more week left to get in on Arts Admin Merit Badge giveaway. All it takes is submitting a 2019 reader survey where one reader submission will be selected at random. So far, there are just over 300 submissions, which is nearly three times the number of submissions over the last reader survey, so it’s safe to say people really want those badges! For everyone who has submitted a …

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A Decision Is Not Always The Same Thing As Resolution

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The beleaguered Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF) continues to dodge PR blows related to an executive leadership decision to dismiss three musicians. It turns out, the organization scheduled an emergency session of the full board that took place on Tuesday, 12/3/2019. While the musician dismissals were a primary focus, the more pressing issue the full board needed to face was the accusation by GTMF Music Director, Donald Runnicles, that the organization’s …

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