Rethinking The Data We Use To Motivate Board Members

It’s no secret that board members are up to their eyeballs in rough news. While there’s no way to avoid it, that doesn’t mean we can’t play the hand we’re dealt and win. For instance, introducing data to keep them motivated and focused on longer term strategic thinking is a great way to pivot from traditional “how much” or “how big” type of reports. There are even opportunities for expanding their …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m taking the rest of the week off from blogging and I hope everyone will be able to set aside time to enjoy a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. If you’re looking for something to binge that has a superb soundtrack, consider Star Trek: Lower Decks. Easily, the best Trek series soundtrack since The Next Generation. Another fabulous option that is an ideal mix of soundtrack and everything …

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Just In Case You Thought The Grinch Didn’t Do Thanksgiving

The New York Times’ headline says it all: Met Opera Seeks Pay Cuts in Exchange for Pandemic Paychecks, The Met is offering many employees their first paycheck in months if their unions agree to long-term cuts. If you dig into the 11/20/2020 article by Julia Jacobs you’ll find out more about what’s going on, but it really is that simple. The Metropolitan Opera has offered to start paying many employees who …

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Shop Talk S01E08: Centering Equity

In a week where giving thanks is on the mind, I am remarkably grateful these two dynamic and candid guests agreed to join the pod and talk about equity. Ruby Lopez Harper, Americans for the Arts Senior Director of Local Arts Advancement, and Dr. Brea M. Heidelberg, Associate Professor & the Director of the Entertainment & Arts Management program at Drexel University are going to do far more than drop some …

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If You Haven’t Completed The Employment Status Update Survey, Please Do

The initial responses to last week’s survey asking orchestra managers who lost their position over pandemic shutdowns to provide an update on their employment status has been both sobering and revealing. So far, the vast majority of respondents have yet to find a replacement position and a few respondents have been kind enough to provide useful details about their situation. For example, one manager indicated that while they were initial laid …

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