Don’t Expect Details Anytime Soon

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According to Gwen Pappas, Minnesota Orchestra Association’s (MOA) Director of Public Relations, it may take “several weeks” for the organization’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) to be released. Pappas was the first to respond to requests for a copy of the CBA and at the time this post was written, a musician representative has yet to reply. At the same time, follow-up questions to the MOA about whether or not the …

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Parity Poll

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The past few posts on the topic of substitute parity has generated a good bit of feedback; so much so, that I’m curious to know what readers think about substitute musician compensation. So let’s measure the temperature on this with a survey. For each question, select the response that best describes your position.

Questions Surround Minnesota Pay Disparity

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Ever since the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) and its musicians announced they reached an agreement, one contractual item is beginning to cause a stir; specifically, the decision by the contracted musicians to accept a provision that reduces substitute musician pay at a greater rate than their own salary concessions. This becomes even more intriguing when you understand how contracted and substitute musicians function within a contemporary symphonic orchestra. The Substitute Musician …

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One More Reason To Get A Copy Of The MN Orchestra CBA

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As bits and pieces of the Minnesota Orchestra’s new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) begin to see the light of day, there’s one detail flying under the radar worth mentioning here in that the musicians apparently elected to trade away substitute pay in order to bolster their new base compensation. The 1/15/2014 edition of published an extensive article by Doug Grow that reports on this term toward the very end (emphasis …

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