The Latest In Arts Management Scandal

It seems that instances of executive abuse, misappropriations, or out and out embezzlement within a nonprofit performing arts group are immune from the impact of economic downturns. The latest instance of this recession proof pastime comes to us from Carmel, IN where reports indicate that the former CEO for Carmel’s Center for the Performing Arts (CCPA), which is owned by the city of Carmel, was caught using institutional resources to carry …

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Seattle’s Pay-For-Play Trickle Down Effect

Seattle playwright Paul Mullin has been weighing in on the Pay-for Play scandal within the Seattle’s arts community that was examined here on 5/4/2010 (and even earlier @ Scanning the Dial). To paraphrase Mullin’s perspective, the decision by larger arts orgs to buy into the pay-for-play model as embodied by King5’s New Day Northwest program is ultimately self defeating but it’s the small budget groups who will suffer the initial brunt of diminishing returns…

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