Shop Talk S01E08: Centering Equity

In a week where giving thanks is on the mind, I am remarkably grateful these two dynamic and candid guests agreed to join the pod and talk about equity. Ruby Lopez Harper, Americans for the Arts Senior Director of Local Arts Advancement, and Dr. Brea M. Heidelberg, Associate Professor & the Director of the Entertainment & Arts Management program at Drexel University are going to do far more than drop some …

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Shop Talk, Last Call: Listen To The Situation

At the end of S01E07, guest Scot Silberstein inadvertently set up a fantastic topic for a Last Call installment around the idea of the Stephen R. Covey quote “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” It triggered a fascinating exchange in how that applies to arts orgs and their audiences. [easy-tweet tweet=”If you’re marketing anything out of fear that people won’t …

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Shop Talk S01E07: Changing Your Narrative

How does an industry with so many decades of carefully crafted narrative go about changing on a dime in response to a prolonged pandemic? This was the basic premise of today’s episode and in order to talk it out, I invited two of the sharpest minds I know that work inside the arts field: author, interviewer, and curator Mark Larson and 6-time Emmy Award winning writer/producer, Scott Silberstein. I dare you …

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Shop Talk S01E06: The Need For Expertise

This episode’s topic is based on Jason’s blog post, The Most Teachable Era In Human History For The Necessity of Expertise. Questions of expertise are particularly relevant here an now when considering whether  the field has leaders with what we need for these unique challenges. But can that expertise be clearly defined? Do we know what we don’t need? Today’s guests are uniquely suited to this discussion because they have expertise …

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Shop Talk Last Call: Cross Pollination In A Good Thing

It’s Last Call and today’s installment features S01E05 guests Zak Vassar and Jeff Vom Saal as they respond to the following reader question: “Are there advantages in having professionally-trained musicians in administrative roles?” Guests About Shop Talk The official podcast of, Shop Talk invites captivating guests to talk about engaging topics connected to the orchestra business. Shop Talk Archives | Shop Talk; Last Call Archives