ORD > JAC: Off To The Tetons


I’m en route to Jackson Hole, WY today for my annual working vacation at the Grand Teton Music Festival (GTMF). A truly lovely destination, the Grand Teton National Park is an ideal backdrop for one of the best summer music festivals in the country.

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Check Out The Inside The Arts Blog Updates

I’m very happy to announce that all of the blogs hosted directly at Inside The Arts, the culture blogging exchange that the Adaptistration Network belongs, have been upgraded with the very same responsive theme improvements implemented here in June as well as an updated graphic design. So whether you’re a regular reader or they are new to you, drop by and see what the fuss is all about.

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Social Media Fail

In the rush to engage and reach out to new audiences, it can be all too easy to forget that one of the overriding goals is to get people to concerts; which means all of the followers, fans, likes and shares in the world aren’t worth much if they don’t help sell tickets. The last thing an arts group needs is to fall victim to the metrics syndrome where you spend more time compiling stats than tracking conversion and performance. And nothing drives this home quite as well as humor.

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Storm Clouds Gather in Minneapolis

storm clouds

The 7/18/2012 edition of Minnesota Public Radio News published a segment from Chris Roberts that examines the ongoing negotiations at the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. Roberts interviews a quartet of sources to obtain a larger perspective on how these negotiations will impact not only their respective institutions, and the local arts community.

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An App-Propriate Use Of Your Time?

Marc van Bree posted a superb article on 7/18/2012 over at Dutch Perspective titled Why performing arts organizations are not app-ropriate that is one of the best resources I’ve come across in recent months which arts organizations can take advantage of when determining whether or not their organization should consider developing an app. He starts off by referencing some recent and reliable mobile user statistics then moves into how and why all of this matters to arts orgs.

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