Philadelphia Dines At The Ida Know Buffet

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The 11/21/15 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer published an article by Peter Dobrin that paints a dreary picture for the Philadelphia Orchestra Association’s (POA) future. In short, and contrary to a stream of public relations messages from the POA to the contrary, the organization continues to struggle reversing the downward revenue spiral that prompted their 2011-2012 bankruptcy. In his routine style, Dobrin walks readers through the grim finances and does a …

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Inside The Arts Turns Seven!

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It snuck up on me a bit this year but yesterday was Inside The Arts‘ seventh anniversary and it’s been a great year for its authors, here are some of the highlights. Jason Heath is back to blogging/podcasting with a vengeance after a bit of a sabbatical. It’s great to see the Double Bass Blog up and running at full strength again. I’m fairly certain Joe Patti is simply incapable of …

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Have You Heard Of Arts & Analytics Yet?

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In addition to making new friends and clients at industry events like the National Arts Marketing Project Conference, you get the opportunity to meet other providers and consultants; case in point, I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Jordan (VP Client Experience) and Dennis Kunimura (Head Statistician) from Arts & Analytics, a big data start-up that focuses on providing what they describe as predictive analytics software for the performing arts field. …

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Smartphone Use During Event Poll Results (you might be surprised)

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Last week’s poll asking users whether or not venues should reconsider Smartphone use during show policies if it meant increasing repeat ticket buyer earned income by 25 percent or more generated a great deal of interest. At just over 1000 responses, it is the third most popular poll to date so it seems clear that the issue generated some strong feelings among readers. Having said that, the responses didn’t exactly generate …

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Time For Updates

It’s been an update kind of weekend here throughout the Adaptistration Network; let’s take a look at what’s been going on. Timeline Highlights from 2007 have been added to Adaptistration’s new timeline, which means we officially have the first half decade covered. Among the new items, one date in particular that stands out is October 15, 2007, the day the blog became independent! Read more about that event at the timeline …

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