Mr. Rogers: Arts Marketing Guru

Ceci Dadisman recently published an article at ArtsHacker titled Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Arts Marketing, I Learned From Mister Rogers. She lists three primary skills and connects each with tenets of Mr. Roger’s television program. It’s a wonderfully heartwarming read and the second item from that list caught my eye: Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things (Even If You’re Not Very Good At Them To Start). This …

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Don’t Wait, Register To Vote Now!

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We’re rapidly approaching the November 6, 2018 election and if you haven’t registered to vote or need to update your registration info, don’t put it off until the last moment. National Voter Registration day was Sep. 25 but that doesn’t mean it’s too late. You can kick off the registration process at or, check your local state’s reference information, or look on Facebook to see if you have a …

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Apparently, Tuesday Was Post An Arts Admin Job Day

For whatever reason, a slew of new job listings went up at Arts Admin Jobs, three of which are Featured Listings. Director of Corporate Partnerships Executive Director Development Director Artistic Operations Manager And in case you haven’t already noticed, has a new logo…because why not? Change is good and I’m in a minimalist art deco phase. And just a quick bit of commentary on the AAAE executive director job: it …

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You May Be Guilty Of Using Dark Pattern Tactics But Not Even Know It

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Dark Patterns are features of interface design crafted to trick your users into doing things they might not want to do, but which benefit your organization. There are 12 types of Dark Patterns and some are as straightforward as making it next to impossible to cancel a user account or making the unsubscribe link on emails difficult to find (or even link to pages that don’t actually contain unsubscribe functionality). I …

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Finally, Some Positive News On Music Licensing

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On 9/18/18, the Us Senate passed the Music Modernization Act (MMA) of 2018, S.2334, with unanimous consent. That’s not a typo, the Senate passed legislation with unanimous support, moreover, it was legislation addressing the way mechanical licensing works. In English, that’s the process used to make sure songwriters, producers, and engineers are paid royalties, how that money is collected, and how funds are distributed. Among the MMA’s numerous articles, are sections …

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