Branding A Concerto

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I’ll be the first to admit my good fortune when it comes to having and insider’s view into some of my wife’s projects. One of the latest is a brand-new violin concerto written for her by award winning film composer, George S. Clinton. The concerto is unlike anything I’ve encountered; while it’s a formal violin concerto, it’s purposefully written in the style of an epic western film score. Consequently, George and …

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When Being A Copy Cat Is A Good Thing

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Finding a good WordPress plugin is harder than it sounds. There’s a lot of junk out there but it’s still possibly to uncover a gem of something that delivers on not only features and functionality but uses optimized code that won’t slow down your site or throw conflicts with other plugins and themes. I published a review on one such plugin at ArtsHacker yesterday: a menu duplicator from SevenSpark. If you’ve …

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Providing Better Customer Service Through Enhanced User Experience Design

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Recently, my web development firm launched a new orchestra user website and we’re in the initial launch period where the site is live, but they haven’t announced it yet. When the time exists, these serve as great shake-down periods where we can iron out any wrinkles and use some initial visitor feedback and metrics to make last minute tweaks before the formal announcement. This project spent a good bit of time …

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Shop Talk: Pilot Episode, Poke It With A Stick

Surprise! Today marks the inaugural episode of a new video podcast series where I sit down with movers and shakers in the field and talk shop. Today’s episode focuses on a topic near and dear to my own arts admin heart: substitute musician equal pay for equal work. I’m joined by a pair of leaders from the musician side of the equation, International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) chairperson …

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There’s Always Something New To Learn When It Comes To Email Marketing

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I’m back from Knoxville where the pre-con workshop for the 2019 Southeastern Theatre Conference convention was a real hit thanks to such an engaged group of attendees. And even though I’ve been doing variations of this session with my co-presenter, Ceci Dadisman, she always manages to sneak some new content into the mix where I learn as much as the participants. I would normally post the Google slide deck for something …

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