Credit Where Credit Is Due

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Joe Patti posted an article yesterday referencing an idea he had a solid decade ago in the form of a procurement platform focused on nonprofits so they could solicit competitive bids for goods and services. If the idea sounds familiar, it’s exactly what will launch in a few weeks in the form of Nonprofit Bids. Sure enough, I dug through my emails from 2010 and found the exchange with Joe. I’m …

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(Image + Perceived Value) x Competition = Relevance

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There’s a fascinating article written by Taylor Stevens in the 2/26/2020 edition of the Salt Lake Tribune that examines calls to review how local tax initiative dollars benefitting nonprofit arts orgs are allocated. The tax has been in place since 1996 and since then, the primary recipients have been the Utah Symphony | Utah Opera, Ballet West, and Pioneer Theatre Company. According to the report, those groups share 45 percent of …

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Nonprofit Bids Is Coming Soon And It Needs Your RFPs

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Thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback for creating a nonprofit Request For Proposal (RFP) portal, you can expect it to launch mid-March, just in time for the 2020 NTEN Conference. In order to make sure it’s ready for launch, we need to stock it with as many RFP’s as possible. Submit Your RFPs Since the site won’t be accessible until it goes live, nonprofits benefit from having Nonprofit Bids staff handle …

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What Sparks Joy In Your 20/21 Program?

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It’s that time of year again, where season announcements compete for attention and ticket revenue. While each program may not pass the “no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors” version of season planning, there are still plenty of gems. To that end, I’m curious to know what you think are the real standouts in your 20/21 season. An important part of this is sharing why it’s special. There are …

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Why Yes, Ben Folds Is All Kinds Of Cool

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We’ve taken a look at singer/songwriter Ben Folds’ work within the live orchestra field a few times over the years and his recent work with the National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) was the focus of a Fox News Power Player segment on 2/16/2020. Folds, who serves as an Artistic Advisor at the NSO, has always been an engaging advocate for live music and the segment does a fantastic job at capturing his …

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