Alex Ross Couldn’t Be More Right


In an 11/25/2013 article from The New Yorker, the ever sharp Alex Ross vents some frustration toward the Minnesota Orchestra Association (MOA) leadership, the growing difficulty of mid and smaller budgets org to pull funding from the name brand institutions, and the ennui that is political concerns about culture. Ross doesn’t mince words and goes so far as to accuse the MOA management of “stoop[ing] to ruthless union-busting tactics” and calling …

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The Habits Of Successful Young Arts Admin Professionals

Adaptistration People 020

One aspect of #NAMPC 2013 I neglected to mention was just how enjoyable it is to mingle with a broad cross section of professionals at different career stages; which is merely a polite way to say that there was a wide variety of newbies, mid-carrier, and veteran arts pros in attendance. It’s especially enjoyable to interact with the 20-somethings, now more than ever because the post-downturn crop of inductees is very …

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Sometimes A Cigar Is Just A Cigar


Joe Patti posted a thought provoking article at Butts In The Seats on 11/11/13 title Sometimes They Just Want To Go Home which examines the bear trap of over analysis and searching for profound meaning where none exists. Patti’s post comes at a good time and serves as a practical anchor to remind us that in the meticulous search for answers to improving the audience experience, it can be easy to …

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Scanning The Dial Gets A New Co-Author

A bit of promotional cross-pollination today in that I’m very pleased to report that Scanning The Dial introduced a new co-author this week: Emily Kurlinski. Emily lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps radio and music in Chattanooga, TN and she joins veteran classical music radio blogger Marty Ronish as the third co-author since the blog was launched in March, 2008. You can check out Emily’s inaugural post, Reinventing Delmarva Public Radio, from …

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