Three Tips And A Clue

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It’s time to clear out a few pet peeve demons by channeling the energy into constructive efforts. To that end, I published an article At ArtsHacker today that covers three common design and content mistakes and how to fix them. Care to guess what the first one is all about? As promised via the initial tease from 12/30/16, here’s the latest clue to the new Inside The Arts author coming in …

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Crawling Into The Minds Of Millennials

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In what often feels like an out of control, downhill tumble in the search for Millennial ticket buyers, the orchestra field routinely implements a variety of efforts to survey, analyze this demographic but sometimes, they show up right on your doorstep with everything you want to know. Case in point, Sarah Vansandt is a Millennial age producer, director, and editor who holds a bachelor of science degree in Communication with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism and …

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Meet The Latest Red Herring That Will Screw Up Media Agreement Negotiations For Years To Come

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Without a doubt, technology and music piracy have gone hand in hand over the years and it should come as no surprise that negotiations surrounding recording and broadcast media agreements are driven by these very issues. The results of those negotiations can seem odd to those on the outside looking in, such as the requirement for an orchestra to add artificial noise to live recordings as an effort to prevent anyone …

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You’ve Cott Mail May Be Cutting Back, But It Isn’t Out Of The Game

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Regular readers know that I’m a big, BIG, fan of Thomas Cott’s You’ve Cott Mail newsletter and Twitter feed which is why his announcement that he’ll be cutting back on the newsletter portion of his arts news empire came across as a bummer (emphasis added). After sending out these emails for nearly 20 years, I have decided to pull back on doing YCM on a regular basis…In the end, You’ve Cott …

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Asserting Regressive Bargaining, Hartford Musicians Reject Latest Offer. Employer Sets Deadline

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Musicians of the Hartford Symphony Orchestra (HSO) rejected the latest proposal from their employer. Held on Thursday, 1/7/16,  the vote was unanimous among musicians attending and although both sides are continuing to bargain via Federal mediator, they continue to be far apart on key terms of wages, length of season, and a new element introduced by the employer in the form of a sweeping cancellation clause. According to a press statement distributed …

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